Speaking Engagements




10 Feb 2021

Keynote @ MIT's DSAIL 2021 Retreat


12 Dec 2020

2020 NeurIPS ML for Systems Workshop


3 Dec 2020

Intel Labs Day 2020


1 Dec 2020

Neurosymbolic Webinar “A Glance into Machine Programming at Intel Labs”

Caltech, MIT, Penn, Rice, Stanford and UT Austin (Virtual)

28 Sep 2020

Machine Learning Optimized Systems Fall '20 Seminar “Machine Programming: Challenges and Opportunities

University of Wisconsin / Sponsored by Microsoft AI (Virtual)

4-5 Aug 2020

Workshop on Program Synthesis for Scientific Computing (Keynote address “Challenges and Opportunities in Machine Programming")

US Department of Energy (Virtual)

28 Jul 2020

Company-wide webcast “TSLRP 2020: Machine Programming Update”

Intel Corp. (Virtual)

16 Jun 2020

ACM SIGPLAN MAPL Workshop 2020 Closing Remarks


15 Jun 2020

Presentation to Intel’s Executive Leadership Team (Invited Talk “TSLRP 2020: Machine Programming Update”)

Intel Corp.

23 Apr 2020

Invited brown bag company-wide Intel talk “Machine Programming (MP): An Introduction and Analysis of Impact at Intel”

Intel Corp.

23 Jan 2020

Invited talk “Machine Programming: A Radical Approach to Automating Software (and Hardware)”

Microsoft (Redmond, Washington)

12 Dec 2019

NeurIPS 2019 (Invited talk "AutoPerf")

(Vancouver, Canada)

11 Dec 2019

Intel VIP NeurIPS lunch talk “A Zero-Positive Learning Approach for Diagnosing Software Performance Regressions”

(Vancouver, Canada)

12 Nov 2019

Invited talk “Joint Partnership Vision - Machine Programming”


25 Oct 2019

PRECISE Industry Day (Keynote address "Machine Programming - The Future of Autonomy")

University of Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

20 Sep 2019

CAPA annual all-hands (Opening Address)


26 Aug 2019

Machine Programming Day 2019 (Opening address "Intel's Machine Programming Pioneering Research Vision")

UC Berkeley

(Berkeley, California)

6 Jun 2019

Intel TSLRP talk “Machine Programming: A Radical Approach to Automating Software”

Intel Corp.

Jan-May 2019

CIS 700-002: Topics in Safe Autonomy, Spring 2019 (Co-teaching with Insup Lee and James Weimer)

University of Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

18-19 Mar 2019

DAWN Spring Retreat 2019 (Invited talk "Machine Programming")

Stanford University

(Chaminade, Santa Cruz)

20 Feb 2019

Invited talk “Future of Autonomous Systems - Anomaly Detection Overview” (with Tim Mattson)


28 Jan 2019

Dawn Song's Research Team Seminar (Invited talk "Anomaly detection, machine programming, and other AI research @ Intel Labs")

UC Berkeley

(Berkeley, California)

13 Dec 2018

TVM and Deep Learning Compilation Conference (Invited talk "Machine Programming")

University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)

3-8 Dec 2018

Intel's NeurIPS 2018 special luncheon (Invited talk "Anomaly Detection: Today and Beyond")

(Montreal, Canada)

3-8 Dec 2018

NeurIPS 2018 (Spotlight talk "Precision and Recall for Time Series")

(Montreal, Canada)

23 Nov 2018

NeurIPS 2018 (Poster presentation “Precision and Recall for Time Series”, with Nesime Tatbul)

(Montreal, Canada)

6 Nov 2018

SPLASH 2018 (Invited talk “The Future of AI: Machine Programmers and Their Necessary Self-Awareness”)

(Boston, Massachusetts)

19 Oct 2018

Intel’s Autonomous Vehicles Conference (Invited talk “Autonomous Vehicles & The Anomalous 1%”)

Intel Corp.

18-22 Jun 2018

MAPL presentation "The Three Pillars of Machine Programming" (joint with MIT)

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

9 Jun 2018

Invited talk "Anomaly Detection for Practical Systems" & "Machine Programming" and Location VMware Research"

VMWare Research

3 Apr 2018

Tech transfer talk “Anomaly Detection for Self-Driving Cars”


1 Mar 2018

CAPA Site Visit (Opening address “CAPA Vision – The Intel Perspective”)


2 Feb 2018

GRASP-PRECISE Industry Symposium (Invited talk "Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving")

University of Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

1 Feb 2018

GRASP-PRECISE Special Seminar

"The Future of Anomaly Detection"

University of Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


High Performance Developers Conference talk "Using Machine Learning To Avoid the Unwanted"

Intel Corp.