Intel's Annual Gordon Moore Award Nomination (2019)

"Informed risk-taking across Intel Labs, PSG, SSG, and University Research that has furthered Intel's FPGA innovations"

Category: Excellence in Risk Taking

Team: Aravind Dasu, Mahesh Iyer, Eriko Nurvitadhi, Michael Adler, Justin Gottschlich, Mondira Pant, Todd Younkin

Intel Division Recognition Award (2019)

"Outstanding Leadership of Machine Programming Patent Harvest"

Q2 Intel Labs' Eureka Award Winner (2019)

"Inventor with most patent applications filed in a quarter" (30 new filings)

Intel Tech Insights Leadership Award (2019)

"Machine Programming" (TSLRP)

Intel Labs Division Recognition Award (2018)

for creating and leading the Anomaly Detection IP Think Tank

Intel Research Velocity Challenge Winner (2016)

"Using Deep Neural Networks to Identify and Fix Performance and Correctness Anomalies in Data Centers"

Intel Labs Teamwork Award (2012)

"Record and Replay Hardware Prototype"

Best Demonstration Award (2011)

"Programming with Concurrent Predicates" 

SWPC 2011 Intel’s Software Professionals Conference

(Santa Clara, CA)

Best Demonstration Award (2011)

Intel’s Software Professionals Conference

Best Presentation Award (2010)

“An Efficient Software Transactional Memory Using Commit-Time Invalidation”

IEEE/ACM Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization

Best Presentation Award (2009)

"Shifting the Parallel Programming Paradigm"

Raytheon’s Information Systems and Computing Symposium

(Houston, TX)

Technical Honors (2008)

Raytheon Company (Peer-Selection - acceptance rate ~3.5%) 

Technical Honors (2006)

Raytheon Company (Peer-Selection - acceptance rate ~6.0%)